Review: Top 25 Social Icons plugin

Top 25 Social Icons plugin review for Wordpress

I recently switched from another plugin to the Top 25 Social Icons plugin  for WordPress by Vyas Dipen. It displays icons in the sidebar to encourage you to follow my social media outlets, which you should go do right now before you forget – c’mon, follow ‘em all, you know you want to! They’re in […]

Easiest way to move a WordPress installation to a new host


Turns out there’s a very easy way to move a website to a new host, or to clone a website to a subdirectory for the purpose of testing plugins or themes. It involves the use of a plugin called WP-Clone by WP Academy. It grabs all your files, your database – everything. No FTP or Cpanel […]

Genesis: How to place the post meta and info just on single pages


I’ve been working with the Genesis Framework for WordPress lately, and I recently discovered there are two ways to make Genesis display the post meta and info conditionally, and which method you need depends whether the theme is HTML5 or not. On most sites, I use excerpts on the front page, and most Genesis themes […]

How to merge WordPress blogs together

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Maybe you will never, ever decide to merge the posts from one of your WordPress blogs into another. But if you do, as I once did, you might find this list of instructions helpful. Terminology check: “merging” blog refers to the blog that’s going to have all its posts moved into another one, and the […]

Zoho Mail: a serious free email contender

Screencap of Zoho front page

More than two years ago, I chose Zoho Mail as my free email provider, and I’ve been very happy with them ever since. In light of the recent PRISM scandal, a few people using free email from providers named in that debacle have asked me how I liked Zoho. Zoho Mail Zoho began years ago […]

Zoho Notebook and Zoho apps

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I found Zoho back in 2007 when I was looking for an online notebook app, and I think it’s time to update the review I wrote then. Zoho’s come a long way in the past three years. It’s now my go-to app for working in the cloud. I should mention a few personal rules I […]

Speeding up websites with image optimization


How fast your websites load has always been crucial. I don’t think many people realize just how quickly a lot of potential readers will back away from a site because it’s not loading fast enough. Every second you can shave off means a few more people sticking around. But Google has said it will be […]

WordPress 406 errors "Not acceptable…"

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Getting a Wordpress 406 “Not Acceptable” error when you try to publish, edit, add an image, change an option, etc.? (It can be almost anything.) You need a new host, but in the meantime, we’ve got some code that’ll help you for the moment.

Redirect a subdomain to totally different URL


This article gives you the code you need to redirect from a subdomain like “” to an entirely different domain, like “” How to use the code is explained in detail.

How to: WordPress stuck in maintenance mode

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One day, you’re updating your WordPress plugins automatically, all of them at the same time, and thinking how nice it is you don’t have to do them one at a time anymore. Life sure is sweet, you’re thinking, as you pour yourself a beverage of your choice and sit back to watch WordPress do your […]