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With about $20 to spend, I started blogging in 2004 - not about my life, but about topics that interested readers and sold ads. I taught myself marketing, promotion, web design, just enough coding to be dangerous, and eventually even photography in order to create compelling websites that would make money. In 2014, I was able to quit my job and start blogging full time. Follow and learn along with me!

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Active and passive marketing

The most effective overall form of marketing is word of mouth. You can't buy it. You can't really control it. Sometimes, irritatingly, some minor aspect of something you're building gets all the buzz while the whole … Continue Reading

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Creating personas that say yes

I was reading this piece by Holly Buchanan on creating personas when I realized this is a huge stumbling block for me. First, if you're not familiar with the concept of personas: marketers try to imagine the sort … Continue Reading

Who Is Your Audience?

Understanding the type of people who visit your site is a very important task because you can use that information to enhance your site to suit them. As a result, you will gain more loyal returning visitors that … Continue Reading

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The value of gut instinct in marketing

Conventional marketing research - polls, surveys and number crunches about what's sold in the past and how and where it sold and to whom and by whom - can tell you what, among all the stuff that's already out there, … Continue Reading

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