How to Secure a WordPress Site

Laptop on table with ports visible

One of the most important things you need to know as a blogger is how to secure a Wordpress site. Don’t just pay someone and hope they do it right.

Genesis: How to place the post meta and info just on single pages

Screenshot of Genesis Meta Data

I’ve been working with the Genesis Framework for WordPress lately, and I recently discovered there are two ways to make Genesis display the post meta and info conditionally, and which method you need depends whether the theme is HTML5 or not. On most sites, I use excerpts on the front page, and most Genesis themes …

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How to merge WordPress blogs together

Maybe you will never, ever decide to merge the posts from one of your WordPress blogs into another. But if you do, as I once did, you might find this list of instructions helpful. Terminology check: “merging” blog refers to the blog that’s going to have all its posts moved into another one, and the …

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WordPress 406 errors "Not acceptable…"

Getting a Wordpress 406 “Not Acceptable” error when you try to publish, edit, add an image, change an option, etc.? (It can be almost anything.) You need a new host, but in the meantime, we’ve got some code that’ll help you for the moment.