Redirect a subdomain to totally different URL

This article gives you the code you need to redirect from a subdomain like “” to an entirely different domain, like “” How to use the code is explained in detail.

How to: WordPress stuck in maintenance mode

One day, you’re updating your WordPress plugins automatically, all of them at the same time, and thinking how nice it is you don’t have to do them one at a time anymore. Life sure is sweet, you’re thinking, as you pour yourself a beverage of your choice and sit back to watch WordPress do your …

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WordPress theming: getting comment_form into your theme

Picture of code on a computer screen

WordPress 3.0 has a new php call: comment_form. It’s awesome in that it replaces about half the code in a typical theme’s comments.php file. But it’s not in most legacy themes, and the way to add it to your theme is not so obvious. Also, it’s nerve-wracking to customize because there’s no HTML to edit, …

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Make a leaderboard load after the content in WordPress

Abstract image of streaming code

It’s ideal to have your content as close to the top of the source code as possible – maybe even crucial. I’ve run the same site both ways, run two sites simultaneously both ways, and every time the theme with the content closer to the top enjoys a boost from the SERPs. SE bots have …

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Moving to new hosts with Cpanel backup

Blue letting I for information within gray circle

Thinking about moving your sites to a new host?  If both hosts have Cpanel, there are a few ways to do this. First, the “full backup” method, explained here.  This one is simplest, but doesn’t always work.  The new host may not give you the access level you need to install the backup on that …

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