Speeding up websites with image optimization

Graphic with text overlay - Big Images slowing down your website??

How fast your websites load has always been crucial. I don’t think many people realize just how quickly a lot of potential readers will back away from a site because it’s not loading fast enough. Every second you can shave off means a few more people sticking around. But Google has said it will be …

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How to make a GTD WordPress blog

Book entitled Done!

UPDATE: Put your WordPress GTD into a Zoho Notebook, along with your feedreader and most everything else you need at your fingertips. I spent a lot of time this week trying out different online and server-side apps to help me get into GTD mode. Nothing was quite right for me, and eventually I decided I …

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Folding Category Menu plugin – WordPress

Found another very helpful plugin for WordPress. It gives you a collapsible category list, so that at first you only see the top categories. Click one of those, and it shows you the subcategories beneath it. This is ideal for sites with a handful of top categories and lots of subcategories. If you have a …

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