How Often Should I Post to My Blog?

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One of the most common questions bloggers ask is how often you should post to your blog. You’ll be unsurprised to learn the short answer is: it depends. So let’s talk about what it depends on, and why there’s no single answer for every website.

Coming up with new blog posts

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Coming up with ideas for blog posts is one of the toughest challenges a blogger faces. We’ve talked before about using a feedreader to speed up your blog writing. That may be all you need if most of your posts involve linking to someone else’s and then offering insights of your own. It can also …

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Use a feedreader to speed up your blog writing

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Finding topics to write about is one of the most common problems for bloggers. There aren’t a lot of topics most of us could have a conversation about daily, let alone post an article about daily. We’re always looking for new ways to keep the inspiration flowing. If your current approach to blogging is something …

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How to tell if it’s spam

Image of Wordpress backend with spam comment

When I recently searched for a spam plugin to replace Akismet, I found a rather amusing assortment of spam on a lot of the plugin authors’ websites. At first, I took this as an indication their spam plugins totally sucked. Then I realized it was that they don’t recognize certain types of spam when they …

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Making commenters work for you: beyond deleting and modding

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The previous articles in this series talked about going beyond a simple anti-spam approach to comment moderation and actually moderating comments so as to shape comment threads into valuable web pages. If you’re convinced you need to do more than eliminate spam and hate speech, read on. Beyond “spam” and “delete” If you don’t want …

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