Making commenters work for you: going beyond simple moderation

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Most webmasters – particularly those from the U.S.A. – think about moderating blog comments in terms of only spam prevention and censoring especially ugly language or hate speech. They think it would be censorship to moderate someone’s ideas, even if those ideas are subtly toxic. But as a blog grows, suddenly the webmaster is outnumbered …

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Make a leaderboard load after the content in WordPress

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It’s ideal to have your content as close to the top of the source code as possible – maybe even crucial. I’ve run the same site both ways, run two sites simultaneously both ways, and every time the theme with the content closer to the top enjoys a boost from the SERPs. SE bots have …

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Moving to new hosts with Cpanel backup

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Thinking about moving your sites to a new host?  If both hosts have Cpanel, there are a few ways to do this. First, the “full backup” method, explained here.  This one is simplest, but doesn’t always work.  The new host may not give you the access level you need to install the backup on that …

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How to make a GTD WordPress blog

Book entitled Done!

UPDATE: Put your WordPress GTD into a Zoho Notebook, along with your feedreader and most everything else you need at your fingertips. I spent a lot of time this week trying out different online and server-side apps to help me get into GTD mode. Nothing was quite right for me, and eventually I decided I …

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Test your websites for accessibility

Andy talks about making sure websites are accessible to people with vision or hearing difficulty, and gave a very important reason – beyond “it’s the right thing to do” – why webmasters should care: That is 1 in 5 Americans cannot experience the web without the assistance of some form of accessibility enhancement. I had …

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