Fatstacks Bundle Blogging Course Review

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Are you looking to take your blogging skills to the next level? If you’re wondering whether the FatStacks blogging course could do that for you, read on.

Quick takeaway: the Fat Stacks Bundle is great for beginners. It’s also still worth it if you think niche sites are still sustainable. The private forum has been worth a big chunk of the course price to me, but ymmv.

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What It Is

The Fat Stacks Bundle was created by Jon Dykstra, a seasoned blogger with years of experience in the industry. This course is designed to help individuals build successful and profitable niche websites through in-depth tutorials about practical strategies.

It’s incredibly comprehensive, and takes quite a few hours to get through.

What it Covers

The course covers a wide range of topics, but the core of it is the concept of creating niche sites – not necessarily very niche sites – that do well on Google.

HCU: the Elephant in the Room

As you may have heard, Google’s helpful content update last year wiped out a lot of niche sites. Some of Jon’s sites were among them. Does this mean niche sites are gone forever and his course isn’t worthwhile?

Laptop next to notebook on which is written Pinteresting Strategies

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Google is in some serious turmoil right now. They’ve got malfunctioning APIs, GA4 was a disaster, the privacy sandbox they spent 4+ years building to replace third-party cookies sounds like a dumpster fire, and they’re in a trial that could result in the company being broken up.

Anybody who says they know what Google’s going to do in the next six months, let alone decade, is not being serious.

Keyword Research

The part of Jon’s course that’s most in danger of becoming irrelevant is keyword research. With recent updates, Google has made relevance far, far less important than authority.

This means old keyword research strategies like Jon’s aren’t working. But: this has happened before. And then keyword relevance made a comeback.

Honestly, this part of the course is not one I’m paying attention to right now. But I think knowing how to do keyword research is valuable. If you pivot to Pinterest, you’ll be doing it there too.

So the concepts are worth learning, if you haven’t already.

But Do Niche Sites Have to Be About Google?

Jon’s focus in the course is on creating websites that rank in Google, and then helping them to rank in Google, and also helping them get traffic from Pinterest and Facebook.

In his newsletter and in the paid forum, Jon’s been very honest about what is and isn’t working for him. He’s currently focusing on building traffic from sources other than Google. IMO this is the only smart move, and it’s what I’m doing too.

But the same skills that make a website rank in Google also make websites that are good in general. And a good website should, I hope, still have value even if Google decided to shut down.

IOW, the things you need to learn to rank on Google can also help you rank on Pinterest or write articles your Facebook fans want to read.

Honestly, if you’re scared off by Google and would rather focus on Pinterest, get Pinteresting Strategies instead of Fat Stacks Bundle. That’s a totally valid approach. But if you want Google traffic, too, get Fatstacks.

Teaching Methods

The Fatstacks course modules are mostly text, but do include videos when it’s more helpful to show than tell.

Is It Worth It?

This is the real question. It’s definitely a valuable course, but is it worth the cost to you?

If you’re new to blogging, this is the best course I could recommend to you. I’ve also taken Income Schools and Elite Blogging Academy, and I rank Fat Stacks Bundle as better than either of those.

It will take you from newbie to someone with serious knowledge, and the right sort of knowledge, to understand the blogging business.

If you’re more advanced, it’s hard to say whether it’ll be worth the price to you. To me, the course itself was borderline worth the price, but the private forum makes it completely worthwhile. I’ve gotten some real gems, especially about Pinterest and Facebook, in there.

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Last Updated:

April 17, 2024

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