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Moving to new hosts with Cpanel backup

Blue letting I for information within gray circleThinking about moving your sites to a new host?  If both hosts have Cpanel, there are a few ways to do this.

First, the “full backup” method, explained here.  This one is simplest, but doesn’t always work.  The new host may not give you the access level you need to install the backup on that end.

The second method is almost as easy.   From your cpanel backup:

  • Download a home backup. It’ll save itself with a really long name involving backup, the domain name, the date, etc.  You want to change that file’s name to username.tar.gz.  By username, I mean what you use to log into your cpanel.
  • Download any databases you have.
  • Upload all this to the new host.
  • If you had no databases, you’re done.  Just point your nameservers over.
  • If you had databases, there are a few more steps.  The first is: go into MySQL Databases, and create the users and passwords for each database.  Remember, if your username changed from one host to the next, you’ll have to change this in your config files (along with anything else you changed).
  • Assign the databases to the users so they can actually connect (I’ve left this one out before!).
  • For some reason, when I upload a database file just the way it comes out of the old Cpanel – database.gz – it creates a second, bogus database called databasegzkey.  You can just delete that.  (It may be that unzipping the databases on your hard drive first makes this not happen, but I don’t know.  I stick with what I know works.  And even if you don’t delete the bogus database, it won’t matter.  It’s just taking up one of your available database slots.)


Monday 19th of March 2007

That's great news! The new interface looks gorgeous!

I notice it mentions that only administrators can schedule automatic backups. Is there a way to do this through WHM or something? I would LOVE to have automatic daily backups of my databases, if not the whole site. There are various software packages and scripts that supposedly do it, but a lot of hosts seem to disable what makes them work for security purposes (understandable). It'd be sweet if there was an in-CP way to do this.

David Grega

Monday 19th of March 2007

We've been working hard on cPanel 11 to make sure the "full backup" method always works.

Admittedly in cPanel 10 (the current version of cPanel deployed on most web servers), it's a bit less than perfect.

I think you may also enjoy the new Backup screen in cPanel 11 where it's no longer just Full Backup or Home Backup. Check it out at:

User: x3demob / Pass: x3demob