Is Pinteresting Strategies the Course You Need?

Pinteresting Strategies is one of the few courses I recommend. It is the only Pinterest course I consider 100% reliable and always up to date. Those two things are important, because Pinterest can change so fast it leaves your head spinning. You need a course that updates as needed.

Laptop next to notebook on which is written Pinteresting Strategies

You also need a course that teaches you methods for success on Pinterest. But to my thinking, this is no less important than keeping up with what methods could get you banned.

A good course does both. A bad course actually tells you to use methods that will get you banned or at least decrease your Pinterest traffic. Yes, those are still out there.

The thing about Pinterest

Before you start thinking about getting tons of traffic from Pinterest, there are some things you should know. First, Pinterest has a long history of making very big changes without warning.

They have also been incredibly disorganized over the years. For example, I’ve seen one department from Pinterest tell bloggers one thing, another department tell us another, and the truth ends up being something else entirely.

Pinterest has been known to suddenly out untested software changes that break thousands of accounts. And then they take a couple of weeks scrambling to fix their mistakes.

Laptop next to notebook on which is written Pinteresting Strategies

Want to Diversify Your Traffic?

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Keeping Up With the Changes

And they’ve changed their minds about their “best practices” so many times. How often to repin – if ever. How many boards to pin it to.

How much of your own stuff to pin versus other people’s. Are group boards good or bad?

Remember when they announced pins longer than a certain length would start ranking lower, but that never seemed to happen?

It’s confusing and frustrating. And there have been times I decided it wasn’t worth it and just stopped bothering with my accounts.

But Pinterest can bring serious traffic. I’ve recently started working on it seriously. Google seems to be done with websites, Facebook isn’t big on giving you traffic (although I’m also working on them again now) and NPR quit TwitX and didn’t notice a drop in traffic.

So when you look for a course, learning how to get lots of traffic from Pinterest isn’t the whole story. You need to learn how to navigate the constant changes at Pinterest. How do you keep growing that traffic when the algorithm and spam filters seem to change every couple of weeks?

Enter Pinteresting Strategies

You may recall me raving about the Pinning Perfect Course years ago. The course creators did a great job of keeping up with the rules, consulting Pinterest employees to know what was and wasn’t allowed.

Then it got weird in 2019, when Pinterest seemed to announce that we should only ever pin each URL once. Or once per board? Or once every few months? Or… what?

Sometime after that, the Pinning Perfect creators gave up. I think they were getting conflicting and confusing info from Pinterest and having to handhold panicked bloggers in their FB group, and it just stopped being worth it for them. I totally get that.

Best Practices

Carly from Pinteresting Strategies takes a different approach. Instead of relying on Pinterest employees to know what’s what, she deep dives into Pinterest’s engineering blogs and other online materials and interprets them for us.

You could do this for yourself, but (a) it takes a lot of time and (b) you might not understand them as clearly as she does. Some of the engineering stuff is pretty dense. So that’s one big benefit of PS.

Methods that Work

Carly also teaches you pinning strategies that have gotten her a lot of traffic. She explains in depth why they have worked, and what has changed over the years, and what she’s trying next.

She doesn’t claim her method is the only one. She encourages you to try others, because Pinterest definitely treats different niches differently.

But her methods are terrific for start with if you’re new to Pinterest. And if you’re more advanced, as I was when I took her course, they will give you a lot of ideas of new things to try.

More importantly, the course gave me a better understanding of why some things I’ve done in the past did or didn’t work. That’s a big help in developing and tweaking strategies for my sites.

Just for Newbies?

While the course approaches Pinterest in a newbie-friendly way, there are specific sections about how to adapt the strategy if you have an established account.

My accounts are more than a decade old, and I got a lot of useful ideas from the course. You’d need to be pretty expert on Pinterest to get nothing out of this course. But there is a refund option if you feel you get nothing out of it.

Updating the Course

Some of the course is text and some is video. Carly basically saves the video for when text and screenshots won’t really show you what she’s doing all that clearly.

She updates the text pretty frequently, and especially if something big has changed. The videos are updated every year or so, as needed. If something is outdated in them and it’s significant, she notes that in the text until she can get around to making a new video.

What Else Do You Need to Buy?

The good news is: you don’t need to subscribe to anything else to use Carly’s methods. You can, but she believes using third-party schedulers is less effective than using Pinterest’s own scheduler.

And free Canva will do all the pin design you need. Yes, a lot of people disagree about third-party schedulers like Tailwind making any difference. That’s okay – the point is, you can increase your Pinterest traffic with nothing but her course and a little time.

Is There a Facebook Group?

Yes, there is a Facebook group anyone can join whether they’ve taken the course or not, but no, there isn’t a free group for just for course members. There is a paid group available to anyone, and you’ll get a chance to join it from the course.

I have found the free group helpful. Carly chimes in on good questions. Other people share what they know or have experienced.

The paid group gives you free monthly Canva templates and more discussion among members. I didn’t find the discussion in the paid group much more helpful than the discussion in the free group, so I dropped my membership.

Some people find the price of membership absolutely worth it for the templates alone, however. It’s probably worth signing up for at least a month to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Does It Take All Day?

That’s another thing that’s surprising about this course. Instead of sitting with a spreadsheet and designing and manually scheduling 50 pins a day, you can make this work with just a few pins a week. So it’s one of the more efficient methods I’ve seen.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to crush it on Pinterest without getting your account banned or suspended, take the Pinteresting Strategies course.

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Last Updated:

April 17, 2024

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