Use a feedreader to speed up your blog writing

Finding topics to write about is one of the most common problems for bloggers. There aren’t a lot of topics most of us could have a conversation about daily, let alone post an article about daily. We’re always looking for new ways to keep the inspiration flowing.

If your current approach to blogging is something along the lines of “look for stuff; write about it”, here’s a way to get more organized, increase your inspiration, and write more posts – quickly.

Finding posts via feeds

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  • Set up an account which any feedreader that allows you to categorize your feeds into different folders, or something like that.
  • Set up folders (or whatever) for each of your blog topics.
  • Put relevant feeds into each folder.
  • Open up your feedreader each day and go from folder to folder, finding stuff to blog about. This doesn’t have to be a link post – you can just find topics and then research them on your own to get your own slant.

It sounds simple and it is.  But it can make a big difference to your productivity.  Additionally, most feedreaders have some other features that will help you in other ways:

  • Save “clippings” – URL’s to articles of interest, plus a space where you can enter notes.  You might like to go through your feeds each day and clip everything that looks good, then go to the clippings later and read each article more in depth and start writing posts. This is also a lifesaver if you work on multiple computers – the topics that grabbed your attention are always just a browser away.
  • Get recommendations of additional feeds that are similar to the ones you already subscribe to.
  • Take notes or set up a to do list.

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