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WordPress lighter admin drop down menu

I’ve heard about the Admin Drop Down menu plugin for WordPress for a while. I’ve even installed it a couple of times – or tried to. I got error messages, and finally found a comment stating it needed to be updated for WP 2.2.

Today I found the Lighter Admin Drop Down menu plugin, which I think I’m going to like even better anyway. It’s based on the original Admin Drop Down plugin, but the CSS is supposedly lighter, and in any case, it works beautifully. Aside from the fact that I had to create a folder under plugins and stick the files in there (because the archive somehow didn’t do that on its own; it just unpacked the files all over the place), the install was a cinch.

What you end up with is a lot less clicking and a lot less wasted time waiting for pages to load. Just hover your mouse over the main menu items – say “Presentation”. A drop down menu appears – click theme editor. In one click rather than three, you’re at the theme editor. And since I find it easier to roll my mouse down to the item instead of horizontally (as in the origninal plugin), this is just what I needed.